Club Penguin Your Server v2 (a.k.a. "CPYS 2" or "CPYSv2") is an upcoming Club Penguin Private Server that was introduced in 2014. It is the successor of CPYS that was remade in 2012 before it closed in August of 2013. After many, many months of former CPYS players coming together to talk about how much they missed their favorite CPPS, Hucci, a former designer of CPYS, decided that he would continue on with the brand that Tooly onced worked so hard to build.


The main goal of this CPPS is not only to bring back the loyal and loving CPYS players, but to also introduce new people to the game that may not have gotten to have the awesome experience of playing CPYS the first time around. The new v2 staff is working hard to recreate an enjoyable CPPS that is not over or underdone, and still have it manage to make all of the users feel at home. With a mix of new and old moderators and administrators, CPYSv2 will be open to various suggestions for improvements to almost anything and everything! The CPPS can and will try to achieve the same safe, comfortable feeling that the previous users had when logging on to the site, and are encouraged to return to their usual routines as if they had never even left.


CPYS 2 will still have majority of the old in-game features, but will be upgraded in a sense that there will be more things to offer to the players. Both Hucci and the rest of the staff believe that these features will only continue to make the players happy and improve their overall playing experience, and are excited to hear any feedback that is offered.

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